Costume for TV and Film

ProductionDirectorProducing OrganizationYear
Thre3bound (Designer)Daryl Ferrara (Director)Exit 74 Productions2015
Night Of Too Many Stars (Wardrobe Assistant)Rebecca Fray (Designer)Comedy Central2015
DeadBeat (Costume PA)Vera Chow (Designer)Dakota Pictures2015
Tommy Battles a Silver Sea Dragon (Assistant Costume Designer)Olga Mill (Designer)Eco House2014
Gotham (Costume PA)Lisa Padovani (Designer)Warner Brothers2014
Sky TV – Commercial (Costume PA)Christina Ruiz (Stylist)Rattling Stick2014
Bait or Trapped by the Truth (Set Costumer)Jared B. Leese (Designer)Bobby Tuttle2014
Michel Feinstein Rainbow Room Special (Assistant Stylist)Olga Mill (Stylist)PBS2014
Thre3bound Short (Designer)Daryl Ferrara (Director)Exit 74 Productions2014
Seasons of Love (Costume PA)Vanessa Porter (Designer)Lifetime Network2014
Against Medical Advice (Wardrobe Assistant)Olga Mill (Designer)NYU2014
Saran Wrap (Wardrobe Assistant)Olga Mill (Designer)Forest Conner (Producer)2014
Dracula, Untold (Costume Assistant)Ngila Dickson/Gary ShoreUniversal Studios2013

Costume Design for Theatre

ProductionDirectorProducing OrganizationYear
Moonshot: Phase One (NASA Launch Date Oct 2015)James Canton (Choreographer)Carnegie Mellon University2014
You Can’t Take it With YouBarbara McKenzie-Wood (Director)Carnegie Mellon University2014
As You Like itJessie Mills (Director)Carnegie Mellon University2013
A Murder of Crows by Mac WellmanSteven Tonti (Director)Carnegie Mellon University2012

Assistant Costume design

ProductionDirectorProducing OrganizationYear
Strictly DishonorableTravis Chinick(Designer)Attic Theatre Company2014
Broadway Bares 2014 – Led ZeppelinTravis Chinick(Designer)Broadway Cares2014
PantagleizeSusan Tsu (Designer)Quantum Theatre2014
1776Martha Bromelmeier (Designer)Pittsburgh Public Theatre2013


ProductionDirectorProducing OrganizationYear
Oribe Hair (Assistant Stylist)Jess Mederos (Stylist)Oribe Hair2014
Brooklyn Creations (Stylist)Jess Mederos (Stylist)Industry City Distillery2014


ProductionDirectorProducing OrganizationYear
Sleep No MoreDavid Israel Reynoso (Designer)Punch Drunk2013
Sisters of SwingJessa-Raye Court (Designer)Infinity Theatre Company2012
Dames at SeaJessa-Raye Court (Designer)Infinity Theatre Company2012

Emily is passionate about telling stories through theatre.

She has studied a 3 year BA in Theatre with a final fourth year specialising in Scenography at the University of Kent at Canterbury, England. She is currently studying for her MFA in Costume Design at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, USA.

She is interested in persuing a career in costume design for theatre, film, television, opera and dance.